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Welcome! Thanks for visiting. As we move deep into autumn, 

I am again seeing clients in my home office or over Zoom. Please reach out for more information about new courses and coaching opportunities. I offer a 30 minute consultation at no cost to see if we are a good match to work together. 


In-Person NVC Immersion Program in Ann Arbor, MI

beginning in October

more info & registration here

a few spots still available

Starts January 2023

Online Experiential NVC Women's Program: Navigating our Future

with Fierce Grace

and a Warm Heart


LEVEL I Couples Course: Compassionate Communication

for Couples

info & registration


LEVEL II Couples Course: Compassionate Communication

for Couples

info & registration

Stay tuned for more course updates coming soon



Lisa is passionate about Compassionate-Nonviolent Communication and is deeply invested in supporting individuals, couples and families to bring more ease, peace, connection and empathy into their lives. Lisa works with businesses, non-profit and faith-based organizations, schools and other groups to find effective methods to improve communication, solve problems and increase productivity and worker satisfaction.



Bring NVC coaching into your life with one-on-one support. Lisa works with individuals, couples, and families on areas of conflict through supporting effective communication.


Gain a basic understanding of NVC, or increase your skills by joining an existing workshop, or bring Lisa to your business, faith-based organization, non-profit, school or other group.

Facilitation & Presentations

Invite Lisa to guide difficult conversations, conflict resolution and/or mediation, or to speak to your group or organization for an engaging and interactive event.

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