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February 2020

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Michigan radio interview

Nonviolent communication techniques can help navigate fraught dinner table conversations

Literati Bookstore

Meet a Customer: Lisa Gottlieb

A history & book recommendations.

Crazy Wisdom Journal

An interview with Lisa on Compassionate

& Non-Violent Communication.

Myra Klarman

Relish; a blog

Catching Up with Selma Cafe; a Project of Lisa Gottlieb

Catching Up with Selma Cafe; a Project of Lisa Gottlieb

Podcast:NVC- more than empathy

Andrea Bachman from interviews Lisa Gottlieb about NVC

Current Magazine

Monthly Column

September 2018:

Connecting to Compassion Through Nonviolent Communication 

October 2018:

Nonviolent Communication: Empathy Guesses

November 2018:

NVC: Stepping out of the Victim Role

December 2018:

NVC: Home for the Holidays

January 2019: A New Plan for New Year's Resolutions

February 2019: Valentine's Day Belongs to All of Us

March 2019: Celebrating International Day of the Woman

April 2019: How to Ask for What you Want


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