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Speaking Peace in Family Medicine
Thursday, June 4, 2020
Join Lisa Gottlieb for this workshop to:
  • Discover transformative communication skills that can improve the quality of your relationships.

  • Find a way to say things honestly but tactfully when you want to take a stand for something.

  • Increase harmony, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.



When good communication really matters, too often the ways that we listen and speak make things worse, not better. Unfortunately, we've been taught that when things aren't going our way, we have two main options:

  1. Give up or give in on what's important to us (become passive); 

  2. Blame, criticize, or pressure others into seeing things our way (become aggressive).


Thankfully, communication doesn't have to be such a struggle -- there are known skills and tools that you can learn and put into practice right away that can increase trust, connection, and cooperation in all of your relationships.

Based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), this workshop will be engaging and interactive, giving you a chance to practice a few key skills in supportive atmosphere. In this workshop, you will learn communication and collaboration skills including:

A. Empathy (Deep, non-judgmental listening): 
  • Listening to others with empathy whether we agree with them or not.

  • Distinguish Empathic from Non-Empathic Communication.

  • Increase self-awareness and self-acceptance.

  • Connect with what matters most to you with care and understanding.

B. Gratitude (giving and receiving appreciation)

  • Explore the value of gratitude for ourselves and others in our lives.

  • Practice how to effectively share gratitude in a way that lands easily.

C. Honest Self Expression (speaking our truth authentically)

  • Share what you value in ways that are easier for people to hear.

  • Utilize self-empathy to be ready to engage in a difficult conversation.

  • Practice the basics of how to effectively have difficult conversations. 

D. Creative Problem Solving:

  • Ask for what's important to you in ways others that can easily hear.

  • Increase collaboration with others through mutual understanding and effective requests.

A. Lisa.jpeg
Lisa Gottlieb, MSW, SSW
from Ann Arbor, MI
will lead this training.
Learn more about Lisa.
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